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Safety…It’s everyone’s responsibility!!

For many adults and children, there is nothing more enjoyable than spending a beautiful summer day at the pool. Swimming pools provide a healthy and fun way to cool off. Lazy summer days spent drifting on floats, in luxurious swimming pools through clean blue waters can be very relaxing.

While it can be fun and entertaining, there are many child and adult accidents & deaths each year that could be avoided if safety precautions were put in place.

Splish Splash Safety Tips

  • Check with your town or city to find out the rules for putting up a fence around your pool. Follow your city guidelines and build a fence and a gate that will keep children away from the pool.
  • Keep the gate locked at all times, and ensure gates have self-locking latches.
  • STAY CLOSE, BE ALERT & WATCH Never take your eyes off children in the water—not for a minute! Never leave them unattended.
  • Always designate a “pool watcher.”
  • ALWAYS have an adult watching children in and around the pool.
  • Children under the age of 3 and children who cannot swim should be wearing a life jacket or PFD (personal floatation device).
  • Send children to swimming and water safety lessons.
  • NEVER swim alone, it is important to always have a buddy with you when swimming.
  • The majority of backyard pools are NOT designed for diving. Never dive into above ground pools. NO diving in shallow water.
  • Caution children against showing off and playing rough and explain the dangers of running and diving recklessly. Never push others into the pool.
  • Make sure lifesaving equipment and a first aid kit are handy.
  • Take a course on pool safety, first aid and lifesaving skill (such as CPR).
  • Teach children what to do in case of an emergency.
  • Have emergency phone numbers listed at the telephone closest to the pool. Having a cordless phone outside is a good idea.
  • Make sure toys, garden furniture and tools are not near the pool fence, cause children love to climb up on these things to get into the pool.
  • Enforce the rule that there should be absolutely no running around the pool. Slipping on wet concrete is a real concern, and injuries as a result tend to be severe.
  • One of the most important things you need to do when you have a pool is to make certain that you keep ALL the pool chemicals and toxic materials used to keep the pool clean out of the reach of children. These chemicals are very dangerous, and should be treated as such.
  • Never swim after drinking alcoholic beverages or taking medications.
  • Be aware of your limitations. Don’t go beyond your ability.
  • To learn more about water safety and learn-to-swim programs, please contact your local Canadian Red Cross at
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